and in the beginning……

After much searching and reading on various forums, blogs and helpful guides. I have come to the conclusion that there is not much out there to help a teacher decide on how to best use their iPad 2 in the classroom.

I am not an expert in any way, I tend to employ the ‘well lets give it a go’ approach, so I though I would document my attempt to set up my new iPad as my main teaching tool.

Before getting my iPad, I had done a lot of research into potential apps to replace some of my everyday tasks. The most important of which is documenting my lesson plans, setting and marking homework, and pupil attendance.

So here we go,

20120114-122921.jpgTeacher’s Attache is my replacement for my paper planner. It enables me to register pupils, plan lessons and link it to the class. Link the materials for the lesson through Dropbox. I can set homework (and it reminds me on the day the homework is due), mark (both assigning grades and making notes – very useful for GCSE) and it gives me the average for the class over time, also works out the pupil average as well.

The app does take a while to set up, but probably not much longer than it normally would to set up my paper planner. You can import your classes using CSV files, which can include their email address. The only disadvantage so far is there isn’t a field for SEN information or tutor group, but the developer has told me that they are hoping to include it in their next update.

I will add more app review/explanations as I use the iPad more.


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