Accessories and Hardware (aka more ways to spend money)

I teach in a workshop, grubby tables, machines, tools, dust and dirt. I was a little (ok, very) worried about damaging my new iPad. So I though it best to invest in some protection. I wanted something clear, as I have made a vinyl sticker with my name and department to go on the back of the iPad. However I didn’t want anything remotely sticky (as some silicone covers can be) as there is a lot of wood dust to contend with.

I thought I would gamble on a cover with reasonably good reviews on Amazon, and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived.



(Photo from

The iTalk Online ProGel Cover is clear, but slightly smoky. It has enough of a sticky feel, so it is easier to grip the iPad. But not so much stickiness that it collects dust and fluff at will. It was very easy to put on, and I can take it off if I want to. Plus as it was reasonably cheap (£7.45) I don’t feel to worried about having to replace it when it starts to get too scratched up.

I also wanted to buy a stylus pen, so I could write more accurately than I can with my finger, especially when I need to draw a diagram for pupils on my note taking app (more details on that soon). I also wanted to have a real pen included, as I sometimes have to be able to write on real paper. Most of the dual function pens I found seemed quite expensive. So I was quite pleased to discover the Kensington Virtuoso Touch Screen Stylus Pen as it was only £14, as opposed to the £30+ I had been seeing on some other sites.

The pen works well, it can be refilled with a standard Parker ball pen refill. The only problem with it is you can’t put the cap on the stylus end when you are writing with the normal pen. I can see the cap becoming lost quite easily.



(Photo from


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