The Basics (or how to function without paper)

I have been trying out a variety of office based apps, to try and work out which is best for my needs. I need to be able to read and produce word documents, make PPTs (or similar) and have basic spreadsheet facilities.

I decided to try out the following:

20120128-114525.jpgKeynote (Apples version of PPT- £6.99)

20120128-114416.jpgPages (Apples version of Word – £6.99)

and following a recommendation from a colleague

20120128-114639.jpgQuick Office HD (which has Word, PPT and Excel – £14ish)

They each have their pros and cons. Pages and Keynote are easy to use, very easy to insert pictures and crop/rotate/resize them. However, you can only save them to your iPad, save through iCloud or email them. Not very useful when I want to access them through my Dropbox to use with my Teachers Attaché (see last post).

Quick Office HD is also relatively easy to use, and has the advantage of being able to save the directly to Dropbox. But I find the interface is not as intuitive as Pages or Keynote, but that may just be me being fussy. However, the most annoying thing for me is I can’t crop the picture I insert into the PPT. Also if you create a document in Office 2010, remember to save it as a compatible version, otherwise you won’t be able to open it.


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