A Blog Platform

So here we are again, this time I have a new blogging app which should make the process a little easier. I was using the official 'Wordpress' app, but due to the fact that you have to write your post in code, it made writing a blog post take forever (especially as I didn't know the code I needed, and don't really have the time to learn).
So I am trying out another app called Blogsy. This is much easier to use, it uses a WYSIWYG style, and has lots of helpful buttons to enable me to search on the web for links, drag and drop pictures in, as well as YouTube videos.


I am now 1 1/2 terms into using the iPad, and I have definitely found a lot of interesting apps that I am implementing more and more. So after I have checked that this post has updated properly, I'll have a go at blogging about them.




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