How to encourage pupils to be active learners…

As I have mentioned before, I am lucky in that most of my pupils own a smart phone and are allowed to use it in school. I wanted to encourage them to interact with my displays (so they can be ‘active’ learners).

I decided to use QR codes that the pupils could scan with their phones if they wanted to find out more information.

This picture is part of my display showing a ‘brief history of design’.

I started out using one of the many free sites that can generate QR codes (I used Kaywa QR Code) which enabled me to make codes for URLs, SMS, text and phone numbers. But I wanted to find an app so that I could also generate others types of codes (for example email and events).

After some research, looking at screenshots and reading reviews, I settled on Qrafter.

They have a free scanning only version, but to create your own codes you need to pay for the pro version. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of codes you can make (even the ability to make location codes).

I am adding more codes around our displays, and have already seen pupils stopping in the corridor and scanning with their phone to find out more.

This picture is from my ‘Solidworks Showcase’ board where pupil’s 3D modeling is put on display.

I am looking into incorporating QR codes in our lesson resources, especially homework resources.

For more inspiration on how to use QR codes in education Fractus Learning has some good ideas.

If you want to have a go at scanning a QR code, make sure you have a QR scanning app (there are lots of free ones) and scan this to see Qrafter Pro in the app store.



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