Planning (or how to be an organised teacher)

In my first post I mentioned an app called Teacher’s Attaché that I was using to replace my planning book. I thought it would be a good idea to go through the app in more detail, especially as most of the teacher planning apps cost money, so it helps to see whether or not an app will suit you before you pay for it.

Although the app does take a while to set up, I suspect that it is no longer than any other similar app. You have to input your classes and add your pupils, but this can be done by exporting a CSV file from your school admin software (like SIMS or iSams) and inputting it to the app through iTunes. You can also assign pictures to your pupils, but this is currently a very long process as you have to manually assign each one. I have included some screen shots to give you an idea.

Once you have inputted your classes and the lesson timings for those classes, you can set up your lesson for them in the ‘plans’ section.

As you can see in this screenshot, I have set up the lessons and homeworks for this Yr10 class. The lesson appear in the ‘events’ section and homework and exams appear in the ‘assignments’. I teach 2 Yr10 classes and it is very easy to copy a lesson or homework and link it to another class, all I then have to do is change the date on the copied lesson.

When you have assigned the date to an event or assignment, it then appears on the relevant day of your timetable. All the data you input, homework results, exam results, attendance etc. is linked to the pupil. So at any time you can click on the pupil in ‘student view’ and see all the data related to them.

The other side of Teachers Attaché is your timetable view. It uses the timings you put in for your lesson to create it, and you can assign different colours to your classes.

I particular liked how all the assignments and events appeared at the bottom of the day, as well any dates in my calendar.

When you tap on the ‘events and assignments’ it quickly shows you the things for the day.

You can then select one of them to see more information if you need to. You can also access any materials you’ve uploaded through Dropbox for the lesson.

So in summary:


  • Easy to set up
  • Copy function between lesson is very good.
  • Links to Dropbox.


  • Very time consuming to put pupil pictures in.
  • Limited fields for pupil information (first name, surname and email address)



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