The Design Museum

If you have seen my ‘about me’ page, you will know that I teach Engineering & Technology, more commonly known as Design & Technology. This means I get to share my love of design with my pupils. It is always exciting when a pupil discovers a design classic for the first time, especially when they get inspired by it.

Living in London means that I can visit the Design Museum whenever I want to. It is one of my favourite museums, and I am particularly excited that they will be moving to a new bigger building which will be opening in 2014.

The Design Museum also have an app (after all I am blogging about apps I am using in education), which makes it even easier for me to show iconic designs to my pupils.

The app is beautifully designed (but then I would expect nothing else), you can easily scroll between the different products and although there is a limited selection at the moment I am hopeful that it will expand in time.

If you want to look at a product in more detail then tapping it gives you lots more information.

I thought that looking at the Apple iMac would be the most appropriate on this blog!

It gives you lots of information, sometimes you get a video from their archive with designers talking about the products significance.

So if you’re a design teacher, or someone who is just interested in design, then I highly recomend this app.

If you want to follow the goings on at the Design Museum then have a look at their blog.



3 Responses to The Design Museum

  1. Tracy Pease says:

    I love that app! Great review of it.

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