Interactive Class Quizzes (part 2)

As I mentioned before in 'Interactive Class Quizzes (part1)', one of the drawbacks of Socrative is the inability to include pictures in the quiz question. So I found another type of quiz generator called eclicker, there are few varieties in the app store (client, presenter and audience), as a teacher you need to use the presenter version.

I must warn you that is not cheap, about £9 when I checked, I was lucky and purchased it during a sale (it was about £1). I also need to be honest, I last used it before a big update. It was buggy and crashed frequently, however I am hoping that it has stabilised since. Despite its drawbacks (cost, lack of stability), it is a promising app.

It is similar to Socrative, in that you give your own personal address (this time an IP address), and pupils have to log in with their smart devices. The drawback is, that they have to be on the same wifi network as you.

Once pupils have signed in, they appear on your home screen.

You then choose which playlist of question you wish to use (it's very easy to write your questions, and assign them to playlists) and send the question to your pupils.


When your pupils has submitted the answer to the question, it shows them if they were right and the percentage of correct answers in the class.

It also shows you on your home screen who was correct (using the easy to see method of colouring them in either red of green).

Something I quite like is that each question session is saved, so you can go back after the class have gone and look at their level of understanding. It shows all the questions you asked, and who got them right and wrong.

So despite the stability issues (which I am hopeful will have been sorted out), I will be using this app again. My pupils loved it, especially being able to see the percentage of correct answers in the class. However, once again Blackberry users struggled, and sometimes my pupils found it difficult to connect to the schools wifi network. However, one of my boys has offered to set me up a local wifi network in my classroom, so that they can connect through that instead (sometimes you've got to love pupil initiative!).


2 Responses to Interactive Class Quizzes (part 2)

  1. sharechair says:

    Wow… a local wifi in your classroom! It sounds like your students are completely engaged with your efforts! I think its all wonderful. 🙂

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