Bookmarking with Diigo

You may have seen the Diigo button on this blog, I found out about this Web 2.0 tool on one of the blogs I read and registered for a teacher account during the summer. Now that term has begun, I have started to use Diigo with my classes. So what is Diigo and how can it be used?

If like me, you are often finding interesting things on the Internet and adding them to your 'bookmarks bar' on your chosen browser. However, despite my filing system, I frequently can't find the correct link again. Diigo is an online bookmarking tool, with the difference that you save your bookmarks with tags – so it makes it easier to search for them again.

Another nice feature with Diigo is the ability to join groups and share links with the group. I have an educator account which also enables me set up student accounts for my classes (which have no adverts and limited social functionality). I can also assign students to class groups for sharing links.

My pupils use the internet a lot for research into things like design eras, and finding images for inspiration. My current GCSE pupils are using Diigo to share their research into design eras and I have been impressed so far with the interesting sources they are finding (it's not just Wikipedia).




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