Teaching the Teachers

This week I was asked by the head of our iPad trial group in school to run a session showing how I use my iPad in my lessons. As many teachers know, it’s one thing to stand up in front of a group of children and teach them, and quite another to standing front of a group of teachers and try and do the same. So to say I was nervous is putting it mildly!

I decided to run through the apps I use the most and give a short demonstration of each one.

The apps I decided to show are ones I have reviewed before, so I have included the links to the relevant blog post below.

Teacherkit – my main teacher planner
Keynote – an invaluable way of presenting (especially when teamed with Keynote remote) – although I think I need to do a proper review of this app (maybe next week!)
Doceri – another way of presenting, but more interactive.
Make my Own Puzzles – easy way to make crosswords and word searches.
Socrative – an easy to use interactive quiz maker.

I had lots of fun setting up my Socrative quiz, so that all the teachers could compete in teams whilst doing a general knowledge quiz. If you want to try out my quiz (and you have Socrative) then you can use this code to get a copy of the questions. Just click on ‘import quiz’ and type in ‘SOC-594748’

You can see the Keynote presentation I gave by watching this video (I am trying out Vimeo as a place the store my instructional videos, instead of my YouTube channel – so my pupil’s work can be on YouTube).

The slide change overs are quite fast(apologies), they were manual clicks but apparently Keynote makes them very quick when you export it to video!


2 Responses to Teaching the Teachers

  1. sharechair says:

    You are a brave one! I think that teachers are just about the WORST audience. I remember being not-done with a presentation and starting to hear keys jingling in a not-so-subtle way. But I’m guessing your presentation was so interesting that your audience was well-behaved!

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