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I realised this week that I have now been blogging once a week for 6 months (let’s ignore the little blogging blip at the beginning)! So ‘happy 1/2 birthday’ blog.

After the excitement of ‘Black Friday’ (I may not be American, but I can still enjoy the massive app sale that happened), I managed to get DispRecorder for free (it’s normally about £3). This app enable me to record my iPad screen, and what I’m saying. So I can now demonstrate how to use some of the apps I’ve been posting about.

The app itself is very simple to use, basically you click the record button, leave the app, wait for the red bar to appear at the top of your screen and then start your video. You can save the video you made to your camera roll, or even upload to YouTube.

I decided my first how to would be about making QR codes, which I posted about before. So armed with DispRecorder, I set about making a short ‘How To’ video (it turns out that trying to make a video while a class is using drill and hammers in the next door room is a bad idea).

I didn’t want to use my YouTube channel for the video,as I have decided the separate out my pupil’s work from my own demos so I uploaded the video to my Vimeo account using the free Vimeo app I found. The whole process was amazingly simple.

So is this going to encourage me to make more ‘How To’ videos, definitely! Making, uploading and linking (twitter) took less than 20mins all done using the apps on my iPad.


7 Responses to How to Videos

  1. I’ve been looking for an app which does this for ages – I’m off to download it. Thanks for posting about it 🙂

  2. just downloaded it – sadly it’s not free any more though – back to £2.99

  3. sharechair says:

    You are my hero! 🙂

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