Pages (Or Pretty Word Processing)

First of all, happy new year! Apologies for the lack of post last week, not having a regular routine caused the days to kind of run together, and before I knew it Saturday had passed!

To start 2013 I thought I would review an essential (but basic) app. Pages is Apple’s word processing app. It costs £6.99, but I think it is well worth it.

The apps comes with lots of templates, you can either choose one and adapt it. Or you can just use a blank page, which is what I tend to do the most.

Once you have the app open it is very easy to tap on things and change them.

From clicking on the ‘paintbrush’ to change settings like font, colour etc.

To clicking on the ‘plus’ icon to add in new things. You can rotate images by hold down with two fingers and twisting.

You also have a variety of export features.

But you can also click on the ‘documents’ button and it will save your file to the cloud.

If you aren’t content with the templates Apple gives you, then you can also get ‘Templates for Pages‘ which gives you more than you will probably ever need! It costs about £2.99 but there are lots of other templates apps you can get.

I much prefer using Pages over Microsoft Word, mainly because I find it so much easier to make a document that looks visually attractive (and teaching design makes me want everything to be visually appealing!)

Here is the GCSE introduction document that I give out to yr10 parents, it has one rogue text box, but you get the general idea!


3 Responses to Pages (Or Pretty Word Processing)

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Hi Katie

    I totally agree with you. Numbers, Pages and Keynote are the most powerful apps for the iPad. I thinks it’s because the concept, especially of Apple’s Numbers is completely different from that of Microsoft Excel because you can arrange the objects (tables, graphs and images) in an easy to use much more free-styled way.
    If you ever used Microsoft Office you cannot understand how easy it can be to create good-looking spreadsheets, presentations, notes and letters.

    If Apple would add handwriting and direct access to the internet to their iWork suite I think it would be the perfect tool not only for students and teachers but also for professional use.

    Tell us more about the usage of iPad in your daily work.
    Thanks for all the contentful articles and keep on blogging.
    I like this kind of blogging as it’s far away from all the speculative content which is just about the new design of upcoming Apple products.

    • kati10705 says:

      Up until this (academic) year I was a Microsoft user, I’ve been fighting with Office products since Windows 3.1. I am loving the change, especially in formatting and aesthetics, that iWork brings.

      If they added other cloud support (like Dropbox) then it would be perfect!

      Thanks for popping by, and the support.

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