Keynote (or how to avoid death by PowerPoint)

The Spring term started this week, and after such a lovely break it was a bit of a shock to the system! Fortunately we started with an inset day, where the teachers have meetings and training sessions. I had been asked to run a 1/2 hour session on using Socrative. So I spent some of my holiday writing a general knowledge quiz, presentation and handout.

I have mentioned Keynote before, but only in passing. And I suspect that this post is going to be quite simaler to last weeks post in Pages.

Keynote comes with a good selection of templates, although I tend to stick to the first 2 (black or white) for my lessons as I think they look better on my whiteboard.

As before it is really easy to add content, and editing things are the same as in Pages. The main addition is the ability to add animations, and this is where (in my opinion) keynote is better than PowerPoint. It is really easy to add subtle (or obvious) animations to give your presentation that certain something.

If you are interested in the resources I used in my Socrative inset, you can download a copy of the hand out and keynote from my Dropmark Folder (review to follow). And if you have Socrative, you can have a copy of my general knowledge quiz by using the code SOC-699726.


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