iMovie for Controlled Assessment.

It is starting to get frantic at school, as my GCSE pupils approach the deadline for the making of their project. They have to have a made product and this year I have all sorts of things being constructed. Among the wide variety of storage units, we also have a saxophone stand, time trial handlebars for a bike, gun rack and (the topic of today’s post) a rotating spice rack.

One of the pupils finally finished the rotating element of his spice rack. He had made a ‘lazy Susan’ using a CNC Router to cut a circular groove, filled it with ball bearings and placed a matching groove on top. He wanted to show this working in the written project that accompanies the product.

As this written project is all electronic, I suggested we make movies showing it in action. So I videoed him turning the base with my iPad, unfortunately (as is often the case when you are surrounded by teenagers) some of the pupils made some silly comments while I was videoing. So I used iMovie to edit the clip to remove the sound.

In case you ever have to do this, this is what you have to do:

After you have started a new project, and inserted the clip from your camera roll, just double tap on the clip at the bottom of the screen. This will open the editing pane, were you can tap the on/off button for sound. Then all you need to do is export the clip back to camera roll and (in my case) email it to the pupil in question. It took about 2 minutes to do.

Here is the finished video:


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