Dropbox: More Storage Please

I have written about cloud storage before, but I thought it would be useful to look at Dropbox in more detail.

When you first sign up you are given 2GB of free storage, or course you can pay to have extra storage but Dropbox cleverly give you ways to increase your free storage. I currently have 4.2GB of free storage  and I thought it might be helpful to list what you can do to increase your storage.

  • The easiest thing to do is refer Dropbox to your friends. For each person to sign up with one of your referrals you get an extra 500MB of space. What’s even nicer is your friend also gets an extra 500MB for using the referral  There is a limit of course, you can only gain an extra 16GB of space this way (but that’s still a sizable amount!). You can create a referral link in Dropbox, for example here is my referral link (and I am not exactly expecting many people to use it, but its there if you want to).
  • If you activate the ‘camera upload’ feature in Dropbox, you get an extra 3GB of storage. This means that photos are automatically uploaded to your Dropbox folder, but you can always disable it if you need to.
  • When you join Dropbox, look at the ‘getting started tab’, if you complete the 5 steps listed (things like ‘take a tour’, ‘upload a file’) you get 250MB of space

There are lots of other things too, but to make your life easier – here is Dropbox’s page explaining it:


(Screenshot from Dropbox.com)


6 Responses to Dropbox: More Storage Please

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Thanks Katie.
    If you always just use Dropbox you forget the information what can be done to increase space. So I followed your recommendations and now have more than 3 GB. Thanks.
    But all Dropbox users should keep in mind that there are Terms and Conditions which allows Dropbox to close a FREE account without notice. I analyzed many ToCs and all of them contain a regulation like this. So if a free account is the only place to save photos or documents it’s a bit risky. I never heard about suspensions of accounts so the risk might be relatively small.
    Another point which has to be considered is the security. To save documents in a secure way try the Swiss WUALA cloud developed by the Zurich Institute of Technology.
    Have a nice weekend without bugs.

    • kati10705 says:

      Thank you for the warning, it’s good to be aware that we are trusting our information with companies who can delete things if they deem it necessary. I tend to use Dropbox as a way of transferring files between PC and Mac devices.

  2. Hope you don’t mind hearing from a devout android user (who does own an iPad too, BTW). When I got my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3 last June it had to be set up in the store before leaving. One of the crapware/bloatware ‘offers’ included by Bell-Aliant (the provider) was an invitation to sign up for Dropbox and get 40 gigs of storage. Forty Gigs! Had to be done there and then, though. Now, I knew about dropbox and it’s miniscule few 2 gigs but had decided that the correct size wasn’t worth paying for. But 40–now that sounded good. So, hurriedly, I signed up and sped through the terms and conditions–just as the company intended, no doubt. Imagine my chagrin when I realized that I, too, only had 2 gigs. To get that magic 40 I had to sign up a bunch of friends. I don’t do that–my friends are just that; friends. I do not use them.

    Try ti imagine how that made me feel.

    Now double it.

    Let’s just say that dropbox.com is not my favourite company.

    By the way, I wrote them about this. No response. That served to cement my opinion. Bring on skydrive! …or anything but dropbox.

    • kati10705 says:

      Wow! It just goes to show how important customer service is.

      Do you think skydrive is good? I only ask because I have heard good things about Sugarsync.

      (And I was an Android user until I got my iPad! So of course I welcome views ‘from the other side’)

      • iNotes4You says:

        I use 12 cloud providers for tests. For all these providers there is a client installed on a Windows 7 PC. The always slowest data transfer is that of SkyDrive. Microsoft confirmed these problems and told me they ate working on this issue. This was an announcement 6 months ago!
        May be its interesting for you to see a comparison of the providers.
        Here is a link to a document I created:

        Further information in category ‘cloud’ on my blog.

      • kati10705 says:

        That is a really interesting comparison, thank you for sharing!

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