It’s Nearly Revision Time – iTunes U

As we start to come to the end of the Controlled Assessment procedure for my GCSE pupils, not only do products start decorating my department, covered in clamps as they are left to dry but I also start thinking ahead to revision time.

(This is the storage unit we glued today, the drawer goes in the space to the right!)

I firmly believe in making revision as fun as possible, so I include lots of games as well as team presentations on key topics (there is also often cake, but we won’t dwell on that too much!). I mentioned some of the things I like to use in a post last year about using crosswords puzzles.

As all of my pupils have an Apple device (I checked), I wanted to utilise the iTunes U facility, so they could also have some resources to revise with at home. It’s still in its early stages, mainly because I am waiting to become ‘affiliated’ with my school iTunesU site, but I thought you might like to see how straightforward it is to use.

Once you have set yourself up as a ‘instructor’ using your Apple ID, you can then access your course manager in Safari.

This is where you will create and manage your courses. As you can see I have already set up 2 courses.

When you create a course you have to fill in some required fields. I struggled with the pictures field the most, but the lovely Kirk at Apple’s help desk sorted me out (basically I thought my picture was 600 pixels wide, but it turns out it really wasn’t!).

Once your course is created, you can start to fill it with content. This is the stage I am at now. If you are not ‘affiliated’ with a school, then you are only allowed 20GB of storage space, and only 50 people can take your course. Once you are ‘affiliated’ you have unlimited storage and students. Most importantly, any course you create while you have been ‘unaffiliated’ remain in this state even after you are ‘affiliated’. All that has to happen is my Apple ID is linked to the school site, but we are having a few issues logging in, so I have to be patient.

To fill your course with content, all you need to do is create an outline. Then under each outline title you create a series of posts. You can add documents, web links, iTunes links, App Store links etc to each post. It is really easy (and very intuitive).

There are lots of iTunes U courses available to teach you how to set up a course. I’ve been using:

 The Open University’s course

Cedars School of Excellence’s course

Last but not least, there may not be a blog post next week. I am moving house (a very exciting and highly stressful process),  as the building is brand new there is no phone line yet. All being well the phone line (and Internet) are being installed next Saturday, but we don’t know when! Also as it’s half term, I won’t be in school to use the wifi (its going to feel very 1990s as we have a week with no Internet, how will my teenage daughter cope!).


2 Responses to It’s Nearly Revision Time – iTunes U

  1. She’ll get by…with a little help from her friends, LOL :>)
    Good luck with the move.

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