A New Teacher App

I was in the staff room this week (we were being inspected, it was ‘lots of fun’) with some teachers who are also using iPads in their teaching. I mentioned an app I had recently seen on Kickstarter that was similar to iAnnotate PDF which I blogged about 2 weeks ago. I was amazed that none of them had heard about Kickstarter, but then when I thought about it later, it occurred to me that being involved in the design world is probably something I take for granted.

So this week I though I would introduce you to Kickstarter, and in particular 2 projects I am currently backing. 


Kickstarter is basically a funding platform for creative people. If you have an idea but you need funding to make this idea a reality, then you can try and attract backers for your idea through Kickstarter. Some of the pupils in my school used Kickstarter to fund their Young Enterprise project, which I though was quite inventive.

To back a project you choose a funding level, which is usually associated with some kind of reward. It could be as simple as a thank you, or more complex like one of the first products from the production line.

So onto the ideas I have recently backed, the first one (which is the idea I mentioned in the staff room) is Markup.

Markup up is an annotation app for teachers to make it easier to mark work on an iPad. As you see on the photo, there are still a few days to go if you would like to back it.

Another product I am backing (which I am quite excited about) is the 3Doodler,which is a 3D printing pen. (Watch the vide on their Kickstarter page, it’s amazing!).

There are so many interesting ideas added to Kickstarter, not all of them make it (they have to reach a funding goal before any of the backers are charged) but it is worthwhile having a look. After all you never know what you might find!



2 Responses to A New Teacher App

  1. sharechair says:

    I enjoy Kickstarter, also, and a post about it is on my “blog list” for the future. I’m anxious to look at that 3 Doodler … on my way!!!

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