Yet Another Planner

As one of my pupils said on Friday ‘my RM project feels like my baby,and now I’ve got to give it up’. It was deadline day on Friday and all of my pupils had to submit their GCSE project (which is worth 60% of their final grade). This project is the biggest body of work they have had to assemble for any of their subjects and they get a bit panicky towards the end. When I have finished sorting out their made products and put them on display, I’ll post a picture so you can see the sort of things we make.

Anyway, back to this week. For the last 10 weeks I have been trialling a new teacher planner with one of my classes. My year 9 class have a 10 week rotation between the different Engineering subjects, so it seemed the ideal opportunity to try something out without having to commit.

This new planner is called iTeacherBook and it is from the same company that made iStudiezpro which is useful student planner (quite a few of my pupils use it).

The main page looks just like a calendar. As you can see I took the picture from next week, but only because every other day had a pupils name on it (and I thought it wise not the tempt the data protection act!). On the day when I teach the class, I automatically get a register on the right side of the screen when the lesson is due to start. The left side of the screen has all my appointments for the day (it populates from my iPad calendar). So I can see that it would be easy to set up all my classes and have the timetable view I wanted (just).

The class was very easy to set up, and you can see your individual classes under the ‘planner’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

What I found frustrating was the setting and marking of homework. When you set a homework in the app, it automatically goes through five stages.

  1. Assignment created
  2. Available to students
  3. Submitted by students
  4. Already graded
  5. Given back to students
But you have to manually tab each homework between the stages. It’s only a little thing, but it really annoyed me.
Unlike Teacherkitwhich I have been trialling for a while, I find it very difficult to assign average grades to my pupils in iTeacherbook.
So will I be switching my other classes over?
Not while iTeacherbooks only advantage is a calander view, and Teacherkit is generally better and easier to use.

2 Responses to Yet Another Planner

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Thanks Katie.
    It seems to be a cool tool for you as a teacher.
    Here is a link you might be interested in for your students:

    Enter a topic at the top of the site and tap on GROK.

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