Some News (Both +ve and -ve)

Finally all the controlled assessment is in (and I have burnt them all to disc – as they are too large to be uploaded to the cloud or stored on USB). Some of the pupils videos have been uploaded to YouTube and the Easter holidays have begun.

I thought you might like to see some of the finished videos:

First up we have the rotating spice rack (which featured in an earlier blog post)

There is also have a fantastic video made using stop animation (something I am going to try out), the pupil made a set of time trial handlebars mainly using the school 3D Printer, and devised a clever way of it locking together using his own quick release mechanism.

I will be spending my Easter break reading and marking 19 different controlled assessments, justifying where each pupil has earned each individual mark. As most of my pupils have written about 14,000 in their project this does take a while!

Back to the iPad use, I started revision sessions with my GCSE pupils this week. We tried out Socrative (and they loved it), but I was very disappointed to discover that all my quizzes in eClicker had vanished. This means I now need to decide wether to put in the time and effort to recreate these quizzes, or just abandon the app. I still haven’t decided (it all depends on how much time I have this holiday).

You may remember that I had applied to be an ADE, well I finally got some news on Thursday and unfortunately I didn’t make time this time. I suppose I can apply next time, and by then hopefully my application will be even better.


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