Sharing Files (the easy way)

As well as using Dropbox, which I posted about before, I also use another cloud service purely for sharing files with others. It is called Dropmark.

The main reason for this is I don’t want these files clogging up my dropbox (where I store my everyday files), plus it is extremely easy to share files through Dropmark.

Let me give you a quick guide tour:

The main dashboard has a series of folders called ‘collections’, which you can set individual permissions for.

So if you wanted to access my ‘Socrative Inset’ collection (which I shared the link for when I posted about the training I ran) you would need the link to the folder (which is right here).

Alternatively, the SOW789 collection is shared with just one other person, so they have been emailed the link through Dropmark. They don’t need to have a Dropmark account to view and download the files.

It is very easy to add new collections, the only limit you have (with the basic free account) is you have a maximum of 250MB space. As with all other cloud accounts, you can pay to have more space.

To add files to collections you simply drag and drop them (if you are on a normal computer) or click add file if on an iPad. There is also a Mac app which makes uploading to Dropmark even easier.

Becuase there are so many different cloud services available, it is really down to personal preferences as to which one you like to use. But for easy collaborating, I definitely prefer Dropmark over Dropbox.


2 Responses to Sharing Files (the easy way)

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Thanks Katie.
    I have a suggestion for your blog.
    As I only have an iPad I sometimes have to zoom images. But unfortunately this does’t work on your blog.
    I don’t know why it is not possible but it would be nice if you would take care of this issue.

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