Easy Mind Maps

The education year tends to be quite circular, so as my Year 11s finish their controlled assessment (and I am in the throes of marking and moderating) my Year 10s are just starting their controlled assessment.

One of the first things they have to do is analyse the task they have chosen in the form of a mind map. In previous years we have used PowerPoint to do this (as they produce all of their written work in PowerPoint), but this is quite a labour intensive process involving adding shapes to the slides and joining them with conecting lines.

My pupils were finding this quite frustrating, so I encouraged them to look for alternatives and they came across ExamTime. After trying it out with my two classes, and having good reviews from my pupils, I thought I would share it with you.

Examtime is currently free, and it looks like the current features will remain free. You can make a variety of revision resources, but most importantly you can make mind maps.

It’s also easy to set up your resources by subject. You just tap the + button to add a new subject.

I used ExamTime during the lesson to demonstrate how a mind map works. It was very easy to use, even on an iPad.

Here you can see the beginnings of a mind maps all about the design task to ‘Design and make a gadget tidy’

The mind map I created automatically saved to my area, so I could easily log in again to work on it some more. During the lesson one of pupils accidentally closed his Internet browser and was quite worried that he had lost all of his work, but because it saved as he worked he could log back in and continue working.

You can see here my saved mind map, ready to be opened again and worked on. When my pupils had finished they could either print screen the finished image and paste it into their PowerPoint, or they could export it as a PDF and do a similar thing.

We were really impressed with ExamTime, and how easy and intuitive it was to use. I will be recommending to pupils again in the future.


5 Responses to Easy Mind Maps

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Hi Katie.
    Good idea to go new ways with your pupils. I would recommend mind mapping for summarizing the goals and the results. Unfortunately there are no tools available which combine all the things useful for pupils as there are: note taking, creating spreadsheets, slides, mind maps, and textual documentation. I think we still have to wait some years until the usage of tablets are the standard in schools.

    • kati10705 says:

      I agree. I love using mind maps, especially for note taking. It is a useful way for Dsylexics for quickly note things down as well.

      I think I have sorted the picture problem, I switched back to Blogsy as my blog editor, and it seems to upload pictures better.

  2. Thanks again for posting about ExamTime Katie!

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