Socrative – New Features

I discovered (through my twitter feed) that Socrative had released some new features. You may remember this blog post from last year when I first started using Socrative.

Socrative now let’s you include images and automatically marked short answer questions, which is very useful in a quick quiz situation when pupils want to know who won!

I’ve been experimenting with the image feature first, as it is the most useful for my subject. So far I am impressed with its possibilities, but it does seem to have some limitations. Let me show you how it works first and then discuss the minor problem I am having.

Now when you start to write a quiz you are presented with the option to ‘add image’ to each question.

As with most apps you have the choice of using an existing image, or taking a new one.

You can see here my finished questions about mechanical fixings, with included picture!

Then when you run the quiz, this picture will appear under the question but before the answer on the pupils device. This is where I ran into a small problem. When I tried it out on my iPhone, this is what I was presented with:

The picture was huge! I thought it was just my choice of picture, so I tried it out with an icon sized image of the same thing, but the picture was still huge – just more pixelated.

This would work well on a computer screen, as there would be more space. But I am mainly using Socrative on pupil devices, and some of them have even smaller screens than my iPhone.

I think that this has great potential, I am just really hoping that the picture size can be sorted out soon!

On a separate note, this Saturday I am taking part in an annual tradition at my school called ‘Apposition’. Whilst it is a lovely event, it does take up almost all of my Saturday (which as most teachers know are quite precious). Anyway, we are (to my knowledge) the only school that does this. So if you want to find out more then there is a great description of it on the schools Wikipedia entry. The event is steeped in history, and it remonds me how long my school has been around for! We get to dress up in our academic gown and hood (which makes for a very colourful staff room, I will be resplendent in navy blue, gold and turquoise), listen to some amazing speeches from pupils (last year we had the mathematics behind juggling 11 balls explained to us – it was quite fascinating), see our senior pupils get awarded prizes and then have lunch with parents of prize winners.


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