Happy Blog-iversary

I’ve been counting down the weeks and finally it’s here! I have now been blogging once a week for a year! Although technically this blog started on January 14th 2012, I didn’t start regularly blogging until May 26th 2012 when I discovered WYSIWYG blog editors.

I originally wanted to document my journey as I set out to use a iPad 2 in my teaching. But I have been amazed by how much my teaching has changed since then.

So here are some of things I discovered or tried out this year:

I experimented with a few different teacher planners,

Teachers Attaché which I liked for it’s easy use and ability to create lesson plans that linked to classes.
Learnboost which I liked because I could also access it from a desktop, but it was difficult to use on my iPad.
Teacherkit which I liked for it’s easy to use format, and last but not least
iTeacherbook which I am trialling with one class (feedback soon).
I ended up comparing the different planners I had tried out, but I think my favourite one so far has been TeacherKit.

I found out some useful apps to help me make revision resources. From crosswords to interactive quizzes that utilised pupil smart phones (both Socrative, and it’s update, and eClicker). I also showed you one of the low tech games we play (shared through Dropmark).

I discovered social media (well I didn’t discover it, I was already an active user – I just hadn’t realised how useful it could be for education). I set up my ‘teacher twitter‘ account and have discovered lots of people to follow (hmm, I really should do an update about that soon), tried out Facebook (first with pages, then more successfully with a group).

After using iTunes U myself, I also started creating content for my pupils to use outside of the lesson. From setting up iTunes U to finishing my first course (which quite a few pupils have already started using). I am now working with our head of ICT to set our school iTunes U area so that there is a central place to access courses created by teachers within the school. We are also hoping it will encourage more of our teachers to create courses as well.

I applied to be an Apple Distinguished Educator, and although I didn’t get it I learnt a lot about using iMovie. My department YouTube account has been gradually growing and my pupils find it a useful place to go and look at evaluation videos from previous years.

One of the most exciting things (I think) that happened was my school starting an iPad trial for a group of teachers. Since this started, I have been asked to run some inset training for fellow teachers on how I use technology in my teaching. I ran one about Socrative, which was quite popular. There are now quite a few teachers who are using it in their lessons. I was also asked to run a session for the iPad trial group showing the core apps I use, it was quite nerve racking!

So that has been my year, well not all of it just a quick overview (although writing this has made me realise that I really need to update my App Review page!). Thank you so much for being part of it (I still can’t believe that – at the point of writing this – I have 104 people following my blog), I hope you will join me for what will hopefully be another year of investigation.


5 Responses to Happy Blog-iversary

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Happy Birthday.
    Congratulations to an interesting blog, an insight in the today’s work of teachers with all these available new technologies.
    Thanks Katie and KEEP ON BLOGGING please.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    BTW–one thing I particularly like about your work is that you keep the underlying focus on the teaching and learning and not just on the tech. Keep it up!

  3. sharechair says:

    Congratulations!! You are a wonder, and I am so glad that I am part of your follower group. You may not have gotten that award you applied for, but you deserve that and many more. I love how you keep learning and pressing forward… and sharing that knowledge. Kudos to you!!

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