For most schools this week has been half term. However in my school it’s exams week. So no lessons, just end of year exams for the Year 9s and 10s. This means that when I’m not invigilating I get to spend some time sorting things out.

One of the big things on my list for this year is to revamp the displays in our classrooms. Some of the things in there are from 1995! Although I have just realised that this must be an annual thing for me, because this time last year I posted about using QR codes in my new corridor display.

We have lots of notice boards, most of them are high up, or awkward shapes. Due to the nature of my subject, I don’t have much in the way of displayable pupil paperwork and photos of finished products don’t go very far. So I am trying to make some posters with interesting information for the pupils.

The first area I am tackling is the laser cutter room. My pupils love using the laser cutter and they frequently book a session to use it during lunch, in fact it is our busiest machine. So I thought I would start with a flowchart explaining how to check you have permission to use it.

I am using an app called Grafio, which is a nice easy way to make posters. There is also a ‘lite’ version,so you can try it out before paying for the main app.

Here is my laser cutter flowchart so far:

It’s made using the shapes provided within Grafio.

I was impressed with how easy it was to use, all the tools you need pop up when you tap on them. I think with a bit more time (I only spent about 15mins on the flowchart) I could make something more impressive.


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