PSA: Twitter

So (as many of you will know already) this week my Twitter Account was hacked. I was alerted to this quite quickly by @simon_elliott, @tombarrance and @ExamTime. Once I had changed my password and looked at the sort of tweets that were sent out, I started to read though Twitter’s recommendations on security.

You can find the section on safety and security in the ‘help centre‘, and the section on keeping you account secure was quite interesting. They mentioned the standard ‘use a long difficult password with a mixture of letters and numbers’ (which I already do), ‘use a different password for the sites you log into’ (again, I already do this’, then they mentioned using login verification.

Login verification sends a login code to your phone, which means that is someone is trying to access your account, they will find it virtually impossible unless they have your phone as well. This is similar to the two step verification process that Blizzard use for its players logging in to World of Warcraft.

It also occurred to me that if someone hacked into my account and changed my password, how would I remedy the situation quickly. I found that you can also link your mobile to your account (mainly so you can tweet via SMS). Once your phone is linked you can request a password reset via SMS – which could be quite useful.

There is also a detailed guide on what to do if you think you’ve been hacked in the Twitter help centre

All being well I shall return to regular ‘education’ posting next week (as long as nothing else gets hacked in the meantime).


4 Responses to PSA: Twitter

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Thanks Katie.
    For your information:
    Adding a phone nimber seems to be impossible here in Germany. I I tried all well-known formats but none of them worked. The message that pops up is: This phone number is currently not supported.
    Isn’t it crazy that so many features don’t work.
    So many applications and features are still embryonic.
    What makes me nervous is yhat your account was hacked although you followed all basic guidelines for security settings.

    A question:
    Are you charged by your provider when getting an SMS on your phone with the verification code?

    • kati10705 says:

      I think you do get charged for a text message, but I think it’s worth it for the piece of mind! I’ll need to check to see if its covered in my phone plan (I have ‘unlimited’ texts).

      Odd that advertised features don’t seem to work in other countries. Might be something to raise with twitter.

      • iNotes4You says:

        I also have free text SMS but if an SMS comes from a foreign country it’s charged. So 2-Step-Verification may get expensive except you have aomething like Google Authenticator to locally generate access codes.
        Have a nice weekend and keep away from all people looking like hackers.

      • kati10705 says:

        Thank you, and you have a nice weekend as well.

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