‘How To’ Guides

This week I discovered a new app called Snapguide. I am not sure how useful it is going to be, but thought I would share it in case.

Basically Snapguide is a way of using pictures and video to easily create a ‘how to’ guide. These guides can then be viewed by anyone over the Internet (on the Snapguide website), or through the app.

You can have a look at a guide I’ve made about putting a drill bit in a pillar drill to get the general idea.

At the moment a lot of the guides seem to be geared more towards things like ‘baking brownies’ or ‘changing a tyre’. Hence why I’m not sure how useful it would be.

However, it was incredibly easy and quick to make the guide. The app walks you through it, and you are limited as to how much you can type for each picture.

You can either take photos while in the app, or add from your camera roll. Then you simply add some text to each stage, fill out the supplies on the first page and then publish.

You do have to pick a topic to link your guide to. So far none of the available topics are particularly useful to the guides I would want to make. However, I did contact Snapguide asking if there could be an ‘Education’ topic and they responded very quickly saying that they are seriously considering adding it. So fingers crossed!


4 Responses to ‘How To’ Guides

  1. iNotes4You says:

    Hi Katie.
    Nice info. I shared this on Google+

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