Planning Ahead

As the end of term is rapidly approaching (we break up on Friday), I am thinking ahead to next academic year. I know my timetable already and one of my classes I will be sharing with a new teacher. This means that I have to make sure that this teacher knows what the class will be doing each lesson. Now normally I have my schemes of work (SOW) and I follow these, adapting to the needs of the individual class. But to make it easier for this teacher I am going to have to produce lesson plans for each of our lessons, especially as he is new to teaching my subject.

So I have been investigating lesson planning apps and thinking about how to make it easy to share these. None of my current mark book apps have easy lesson planning, so I needed a separate app.

After trawling through the App Store, I came along Teacher Plan Lite (there is also a paid for option with more functionality). It was one of the few apps that wasn’t USA centric (i.e. involving ‘common core’ which we don’t use in the UK).
The app is very simple to use, it provides a series of boxes that are partly filled in (although I tended to delete the current info). You fill out the boxes you need (they turn from grey to white after you fill them out, showing that they have been activated).

When you have finished writing your lesson plan you have a variety of export options.

But I was most interested in the calendar option, especially as in the calendar fields I had the option to invite someone to the event (perfect for sharing with my new teacher).

You can’t save the lesson plan you create, only export it, but the current lesson plan remains active until you overwrite the top field.

I also wanted to look at calendar apps, especially since my main calendar app has lots of events synced to it making it very cluttered. I tried out 2 different apps.

The first was Planner Plus, this was a free trial app with the option to pay £5.99 to get the full version (as it likes to remind you).

I quite liked the layout, similar to a paper planner. You have the option of day, month or year views. You can also choose which calendars you would like to view (and as I have 7 this was quite useful!).

The other app I tried was Week Agenda Ultimate, I really liked this app. The layout is very simple and clean. You can flip between the weeks (jumping ahead or back months or years by 2 or 3 finger swipes, it explains in the App Store notes). Once again I could choose which calandars I wanted to show.

With both apps, when I tapped on the event you could easily see the lesson plan contained within the notes.

I would still like to be able to colour code my classes, but I think that would involve yet another app which seems excessive!


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