Thank you Twitter

Today I am off on a free CPD (continued professional development) course that I found out about through Twitter.

It is being run by Teach Design and it is all about the future of my subject (with lots of fun workshops throughout the day). I will blog about this later!

I have talked about Twitter before but this is the first time I have something tangible from it. Of course what you get out of Twitter entirely depends on who you follow. I knew that I wanted to find out education resources and so I set about to look for Teachers on Twitter.

It has taken a while to build up my PLN (personal learning network), and I have only just started to find other Design & Technology teachers, but it is worth it.

So hopefully, if your not already on Twitter, you might take a look and see what it is like.

But for now I am off to the Design Museum to meet other teachers who are giving up their Saturday for something they found out about on Twitter as well (exciting!).


2 Responses to Thank you Twitter

  1. sharechair says:

    Good for you …. a WISE twitter user. I follow my daughter-in-law on twitter as she is a professional science writer (altho I rarely understand what she is talking about) … but other than that, I randomly subscribe to tweets from a wide variety ranging from Hillary Clinton to my nephew. Just pure Chaos. šŸ™‚
    Have fun at your conference!

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