Keep a Teenager Busy all Summer

Firstly I would like to apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks, it has been a very busy summer! You may have gathered that I have a teenage daughter (well 12, going on 15). She is in a typical phase of 'there is nothing to do' and 'I bored'. So this summer I decided to try something new, to hopefully keep her entertained (and by extension prevent me from tearing my hair out in exasperation).

Let me introduce you to the 'Jar of Stuff':

It is quite literally a plastic tub with folded pieces of paper inside. We both wrote ideas for things to do, ranging from the very exciting (like go to Go Ape), to the slightly more mundane (invite a friend round) and of course the very boring but essential (go school uniform shopping).

Then at the start of each week she would pick out 5 pieces of paper, each week she was allowed to exchange one piece of paper (just in case something came out that we really didn't want to do that week). Everything else would be allocated a day on my (home made) summer holiday calander.

Here are some of the things we have done this summer:

  • We spent a day journeying round London completing a Treasure Trail (ours was a murder mystery round the Covent Garen area)
  • Visited my favourite stately home / enchanted forest: Groombridge Place (they have giant swings!)
  • Spent an entire day playing games (including card games, board games and PS3 games)
  • Been ice skating and bowling at Guildford Spectrum (although falling flat on the ice damaged my knee a little).
  • Been to my school (on a few occasions) so she could make aluminium plaques for Cosplay (while I could label boxes for my GCSE pupils).

So as you can see we have been quite busy, and so far (touch wood) there has been very little 'there's nothing to do'.

But now we are starting to prepare for the beginning of term. This week I have lots of admin tasks to do to prepare for September. I am hoping to blog about how I am setting my classes in next weeks post. But for now I need to go prepare, as I am off to Go Ape (and am slightly terrified).



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